Train Wrecks is a new podcast series from Dustin Zahn & Enemy Records. Contrary to most podcasts related to electronic music, Zahn has chosen to go for a talk-show format where he’ll host weekly guests from the techno and house community. The basis will always be industry and music related, but the main emphasis will be placed on the personalities, stories, opinions, and daily-lives of the DJs and producers themselves.

“A goal of mine is to give people insight to some of their favorite acts. An even bigger goal is to introduce them to acts they haven’t heard of or perhaps people they have chosen to ignore. I think once you learn what someone is about or what they stand for as a musician and as a person, it changes your whole perspective.” –Dustin Zahn

The comical-yet-educated tone is inspired by the early days in which DJs initially spend time at home with friends as they discover records and beat-matching for their first time. Train Wrecks has quickly set that tone for series by making the first few episodes available immediately. Initially, the show will debut two episodes per week before slowing the pace down to approximately one per week. Zahn also intends for the podcast to be a ‘limited-run’ project due to other commitments but hasn’t excluded the idea of bringing in other hosts.

“With the demise of message boards and rise of social media threads, there has been a lack of discussion among music fans. The only thing people seem to discuss is sensationalized stories or videos from events. I hope to bring real discussion back to the table and educate some people along the way. Some episodes will be much more fun and light-hearted whereas other episodes will be history lessons or focused on industry-related advice.” –Dustin Zahn