Dustin Zahn was last week’s guest on the Deep Space Helsinki radio show. It’s now available for streaming and downloading.

1. Rrose – The Ends of Weather
2. Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani – Gece | The Night
3. Porn Sword Tobacco – 2017 B
4. PLO Man – TX-ii [Tiny Bubbles]
5. Landside – Signs Of Change (Etapp Kyle Remix)
6. Na Nich – Anxiety
7. Markus Suckut – Acid Landscape (Version)
8. Roberto Bosco – State Of Mind 4
9. Terrence Dixon – Digital Ladder
10. Flangertrackx – Flangertrackx 002 B2
11. Eduardo De La Calle – Iadu purim
12. Bluemoon Productions – Night (Zahn Extended Edit)
13. Octave One – Terraforming
14. DJ QU – In Trance
15. Ruhig – Magmadiver
16. Unbalance – Stockholm Syndrome
17. FBK – Abcess
18. Brendon Moeller – Magic City
19. Company – Prosody 3
20. Antigone & Phase – Icosahedron Flood
21. Secret Initiative – VII A
22. Biemsex – We’re
23. Ambivalent – Gyges
24. Kirill Mamin – Dunning-Kruger Effect
25. Morenceli – Caligula Statue (Dorian Gray Remix)
26. Patrick Siech – 1133
27. Magna Pia – Artemisia
28. Shlømo – Hardwave
29. WYAD – Planetary Rituals
30. Opuswerk – Lost Settings
31. Gareth Wild – Limehouse Cut (VSK Break Remix)
32. Rod – Pull (w/ Christina)
33. BNJMN – Escape Velocity
34. Jeff Mills – Clark (Zahn Extended Edit)
35. John Daly – 13
36. Cassy – Two
37. Jeff Mills – Division De Lignes
38. Fumiya Tanaka – Antibody
39. Echelon – Echelon 002 B2
40. Markus Suckut – Assembly
41. Opuswerk – RF Thruster
42. Bjarki – Planet Earth Q94 Live Edit
43. Florian Meindl – Space Traveler (Lucy Remix)
44. Joel Mull & Dustin Zahn – Vesperum Winds
45. Bruce – I’m Alright Mate (Asusu Remix)
46. Branko Stojanov – T4T4
47. Amandra – Legia Biala
48. AWB – Lackadaisical

While you’re waiting on new episodes of Train Wrecks, chew on something else!

“Two hours of shameless jams across the house and techno spectrum! Recorded during my birthday weekend…every year in July, I try to celebrate my birthday at a weekly outdoor Sunday party called “Communion”, which I helped conceive over 10 years ago in Minneapolis. The party is still operating today as a refuge for sun-soaked beats that can be appreciated without pretension or judgment.

This year, I played the last two hours to a full house. I decided to slowly build up the tension over the first hour before stepping on the gas during the second. Having friends and family around made for an unforgettable vibe!

While I’m known mostly for my techno output, anybody who has seen me play one of my numerous marathon sets over the years will recognize moments of the evening where things tend to get a bit more funky (usually drink #4). Here’s a snapshot of the other side of my sound. For those who can’t stand house music…rest assured, Techno will always be my true calling.”

June 1 – Due to some guest cancellations, unfortunately there won’t be an episode today but you can expect a new one next week. 🙂

Check out the latest episode of Rave Curious featuring Dustin Zahn.
This week is a bit of a different week for techno podcasts! Dustin has teamed up with Joshua Glazer from Rave Curious to do a collaborative two-part podcast. Josh’s Rave Curious podcast hosts the first hour of a two hour discussion between the two podcast hosts, while Train Wrecks hosts the second hour. Rave Curious is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Vice’s music site, THUMP, and features guests like Chris Liebing, Radio Slave, Danny Tenaglia, and others. For more information on the podcast, check out the “Rave Curious” episode here on the Train Wrecks website.

Dustin will release his first full solo EP in 2 years this week. Entitled “Ascension,” it’s 4 tribal club tools geared towards techno DJs who love to work the mix. We realized this has nothing to do with Train Wrecks, but we never use sponsors and we have never asked for anything. If you feel like supporting the show, please pick the release up. All of the funding for the podcast comes out of Zahn’s pocket anyway! Thank you for your support!

Buy ‘Ascension’ on Bandcamp


This week’s episode will be online in the next day or two. I got back late from this weekend’s DJ festivities and the Commonwealth was calling my name last night. – DZ

Train Wrecks episodes are now also available on Dustin Zahn’s Soundcloud profile. A playlist of the available episodes is also available below. If you’re a fan of the show and have a Soundcloud profile, please do us a favor and repost your favorite episodes!

Train Wrecks is a new podcast series from Dustin Zahn. Contrary to most podcasts related to electronic music, Zahn has chosen to go for a talk-show format where he’ll host weekly guests from the techno and house community. The basis will always be industry and music related, but the main emphasis will be placed on the personalities, stories, opinions, and daily-lives of the DJs and producers themselves.

“A goal of mine is to give people insight to some of their favorite acts. An even bigger goal is to introduce them to acts they haven’t heard of or perhaps people they have chosen to ignore. I think once you learn what someone is about or what they stand for as a musician and as a person, it changes your whole perspective.” –Dustin Zahn

The comical-yet-educated tone is inspired by the early days in which DJs initially spend time at home with friends as they discover records and beat-matching for their first time. Train Wrecks has quickly set that tone for series by making the first few episodes available immediately. Initially, the show will debut two episodes per week before slowing the pace down to approximately one per week. Zahn also intends for the podcast to be a ‘limited-run’ project due to other commitments but hasn’t excluded the idea of bringing in other hosts.

“With the demise of message boards and rise of social media threads, there has been a lack of discussion among music fans. The only thing people seem to discuss is sensationalized stories or videos from events. I hope to bring real discussion back to the table and educate some people along the way. Some episodes will be much more fun and light-hearted whereas other episodes will be history lessons or focused on industry-related advice.” –Dustin Zahn

Train Wrecks episodes are available for streaming and downloading now at www.trainwreckspodcast.com or subscribe via iTunes. For more information or questions, please contact hello@trainwreckspodcast.com