Dustin Zahn ‘Live at Communion’

December 23, 2016

While you’re waiting on new episodes of Train Wrecks, chew on something else!

“Two hours of shameless jams across the house and techno spectrum! Recorded during my birthday weekend…every year in July, I try to celebrate my birthday at a weekly outdoor Sunday party called “Communion”, which I helped conceive over 10 years ago in Minneapolis. The party is still operating today as a refuge for sun-soaked beats that can be appreciated without pretension or judgment.

This year, I played the last two hours to a full house. I decided to slowly build up the tension over the first hour before stepping on the gas during the second. Having friends and family around made for an unforgettable vibe!

While I’m known mostly for my techno output, anybody who has seen me play one of my numerous marathon sets over the years will recognize moments of the evening where things tend to get a bit more funky (usually drink #4). Here’s a snapshot of the other side of my sound. For those who can’t stand house music…rest assured, Techno will always be my true calling.”

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