Kurt Eckes (Horns)Kurt Eckes (aka DJ Jethrox) joins Dustin this week to discuss the rise and fall of the Drop Bass Network. Commonly abreviated as DBN, the organization/record label went on to receive cult-like status which still maintains life-long devotees.

In the midwest, the parties and their infamous reputation often led to many mythical rumors of giant proportions that we attempted to debunk, including stealing goats, practicing satanism, tying people to trees on acid, and fending off the FBI on a regular basis. Richie Hawtin (pre-hair) and Aphex Twin were frequent guests and along with the help of Woody McBride, they hosted the first ever U.S. appearance of Daft Punk…a party that most people in attendance still won’t shut the fuck up about.


Kurt and DustinFor the rest of the world, Drop Bass Network was better known as a legendary and uncompromising record label with a primary focus on Acid Techno and Hardcore music. The label gave its’ start to many of today’s innovators and legends such as Woody McBride, Adam Beyer, Umek, DJ Hyperactive, Jesper Dahlback, and many more. The back catalog still fetches high prices on sites like Discogs and is often sought after by rave aficionados and casualties alike. This interview was recorded at the end of the summer in 2015 at the Kompound, where Kurt currently resides.


Find out more about Drop Bass Network’s past events and releases at www.dropbass.net

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