12196196_1480937415546758_3358798717732170820_nOn this episode of Train Wrecks, Dustin welcomes Joshua Glazer, the host from the Rave Curious Podcast. The two friends have teamed up for a bit of cross-promotion, where their recent 2 hour chat was split in half to comprise an episode for each podcast. Joshua’s ‘Rave Curious’ took the first hour, where they went in-depth about first meeting each other,  Dustin’s rise as a globally renowned DJ, and hauling speakers! Even if Zahn drives you nuts, we still highly encourage you to check out the Rave Curious podcast on iTunes if you’re interested in hearing Josh interview legendary A-list DJs.

Journalists are a fact of life, and Joshua Glazer is one of them. He’s a veteran writer/editor for the music industry who also worked for the legendary Motor club in Detroit. Eventually, he went on to become the editor at URB Magazine, which was the biggest publication for electronic music in North America. In this episode, we discuss Josh’s early days as a writer for a Detroit publication and work our way up to today. We also discuss the impact a writer has on the music industry, including the power to make or break a new record.


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These days, Josh is a contributor and editor-in-chief for Thump, the electronic music offshot of from the Vice News Network. Vice also hosts his new podcast entitled Rave Curious, where he has already interviewed the likes of legendary names such as Danny Tenaglia, Chris Liebing, Eric Morillo, Surgeon, Radio Slave, and Tommie Sunshine.

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