PaulBirken_skatebeaniePaul Birken is in the house! Dustin drops by Paul’s studio to catch up with this fellow-Minneapolis producer and local hero in the latest episode of Train Wrecks. Paul started releasing his first records twenty years ago debuting with the classic “Surfin’ Superior” release on Communique. Since then Paul has more than 40 releases under his name which span various genres, including some with a variety of collaborators. He’s also known for his infamous all-gear live sets that have taken him all over the United States and Europe.


The "Tindy" grab. A whole lotta "NOPE" here.

The “Tindy” grab. A whole lotta “NOPE” here.

More recently, Paul has injected his tough and quirky sound into the new generation of techno fans by traveling to Europe in support of recent releases on labels like MORD and Ear Wiggle. In 2013, he released a collaborative track with Mike Parker on the Brothers label. Paul has other hobbies too! Aside from being a family man, he likes to draw silly pictures and skateboard with his kids. He’s also an avid snowboarder since the 1980s. We cover these topics and more!

One of Paul's live set rigs. London 2014.

One of Paul’s live set rigs. London 2014.

New releases from Paul Birken:
Paul Birken – Cast003
14anger & Dep Affect – Neibolt Street (Paul Birken Remix)
Bone Skippers – Drum Machine (Paul Birken Remix)

Upcoming gigs:
April 29 – MORD vs Earwiggle – Paris, France
April 30 Tresor – Berlin, Germany
May 20 – Montreal, Quebec
June 03 – Chicago, IL
June 09 – Lyon, France
June 10 – Rennes, France
June 11 – Prague, Czech Republic


Click here to check out the Moodyman set that Dustin discusses in the beginning of the podcast!

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