Luis Flores Press 3Luis Flores is a regular part of Droid Recordings along with other releases on CLR & Blank Code. He is known for his excellent production skills and lengthy live sets which have brought him all over the world. How did it all happen? Well, if you think growing up in Europe or the States with a background in Industrial music is tough, try doing it in Mexico.

This week, we discuss growing up with nich√© music in Mexico and the birth of their rave scene. He also tells us about the ups and downs as he navigated through the music industry’s turbulent era in the late 90s. After touching down briefly on the current difficulties of throwing events and club nights during a particularly rough and sometimes violent period for Mexico’s history, we discuss Luis’ move to Europe and his current life.

Drumcell & Luis Flores – Submission of Thought from Tiptop Film on Vimeo.

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